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photos of indonesia’s mount sinabung volcano erupting between october 5 and 8, by (click pic) yt haryonosutanta adityabinsar bakkara, and ivan damanik. though dormant for over four hundred years, the volcano has erupted six times in the last four years. 

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Press B to crouch.

This is a sneaking mission.

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The Standard Cliched Shot - Sunrise Edition. by blue polaris on Flickr.

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bossrobotdad replied to your post:I was reading a post on Gaia about how nuclear…
Nuke plants produce very little waste, Chernobyl was a HHUUGGEE gaff, and Fukushima happened because it wasn’t built against earthquakes or something.

Chernobyl was human error and faulty plant design. But it still happened. Fukushima was basically lies in documents and massive safety issues. People lie, people make errors. And it’s costly. Not as much to the rest of the environment. Hell the area around Chernobyl seems to be inhabitable by everything but human. Entire packs of wolves live around there with little problems. 

Small amount of waste or not, one accident can cause widespread catastrophe. It’s like filling balloons with water and saying “But there are no needles, they’ll be alright. No leaks.” but then one gets bumped against an edge and just makes a massive mess. Only the mess takes thousands of years to clean. It sounds ideal. It looks great on paper, where people aren’t going to make mistakes and natural disasters won’t interfere, but shit’s dangerous. Chernobyl’s reactor 4 is still being cocooned to prevent it from radiating more. The previous sarcophagus is wearing down and the upkeeps of these mistakes are ultimately more costly than researching alternatives. 

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I was reading a post on Gaia about how nuclear energy is the way to go, and all I can think is, no? Have you people not seen about Chernobyl and Fukushima? I know their plants were faulty in design anyway, but the dangers will never not be present. There are entire zones of exclusion that we can’t live on because they’ll kill us. Increases in cancers and billions of dollars in cleanup efforts. Not to mention, nuclear wastes take tens of thousands of years to break down. 

There has to be better ways. 

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Chicago, USA by R. Thustler

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The various stories of Nikola Tesla getting screwed over by a variety of people in his career - notably Thomas Edison and J. P. Morgan - are many.  This photograph depicts some machinery left on-site at Wardenclyffe - Tesla’s last standing laboratory, and a testament to a man with a vision that was constantly impeded by those around him.  Constructed between 1898 and 1901, Wardenclyffe - a Stanford White-designed laboratory building with a 180-foot tower behind it - was to be Tesla’s main laboratory, and the inventor moved all of his operations into it in 1902.  However, when Morgan - ever putting the increasing of his personal wealth ahead of the betterment of society - discovered in 1904 that Tesla intended not only the wireless transmission of telegraphs, but the wireless transmission of electricity, he pulled his funding.  As the greedy financier pointed out, you couldn’t put a meter on free, wireless electricity for all.  The laboratory was abandoned, and Tesla began to mentally collapse, eventually fading into obscurity and dying in poverty in New York.

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“The last refuge of the insomniac is a sense of superiority to the sleeping world.”

— Leonard Cohen (via ianference)
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The basement under the wards of Worcester State Hospital, an 1870s asylum in Massachusetts, was about the creepiest place I’ve ever poked my flashlight into.  Pitch-black, with heavy boards covering all the windows, the first thing one would see when shining a torch into the building after sliding down a collapsed staircase was a mummified dog.  There were strange, experimental hydrotherapy devices and a scale in a climate-controlled room to weigh patients while doctors performed obscure procedures on them.  But imagine my surprise when, in 2006, I rounded a bend to a stairwell and found these mannequin legs standing upright against the rusticated stone wall.  I nearly leapt out of my boots.  Every trip in there was accompanied by a strange feeling of dread, until the wards were torn down entirely in 2008.

Print available here.

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what the fuck is wrong with ths bird why does it have sexy legs for strutting

well you can tell by the way i use my walk that im a womans man no time to hawk

Why is this so funny

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