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Why the 90s sucked- by Mandie born in 1989



  • VHS was basically all you had to watch movies on which required rewinding and special VCR cleaning tapes and fluids. They were also clunky and took up a ton of space
  • every cd player ever skipped if you looked at it wrong
  • everything required batteries- rechargeable devices were unheard of AND BATTERIES ARE EXPENSIVE
  • headphones are ugly and uncomfortable
  • hitclips was really popular but it only held a minute of music on a chip the size of a 3ds game cartridge
  • the internet was hell on earth
  • we had fax machines instead of texting and those things were heinously loud and hard to use. still are.
  • cell phones were called ‘bricks’ for a reason
  • 3d computer art was often scary as hell

20 years from now people will be crying ‘I wish I was a millennial!’ and they’ll look back on the stuff we have now and will say ‘wow, they lived like cavemen.’


And yet, all of those things were reasons I liked the 90s. Nothing gives me jollies like my old phone that could double as a weapon.

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I really just want to lay face down in a bed and sleep I’m so damn tired

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Today my boyfriend bought a label maker

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Finishing MGS3- What I learned today


- Russians are, contrary to popular belief, Americans.

-Snake never got an emotion to carry into battle because judging by the amount he says ‘huh?’, it would have been ‘The Confusion’ and that was not so catchy.

- EVA’s chest is fair game to all.

- Everybody gets a turn…

/The Thirst/,

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Tales of Graces f Asbel Lhant Figure by Alter Revealed at WonFes, To Be Released in 2015! »

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More fun Quiet shots, this time from Colossalcon. All courtesy of the talented M1Photo, who you can find on Flickr or Facebook! The guy managed to make mid-day harsh sunlight work, and any photographer knows that’s no easy feat.

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Omg chill

this is some airbending shit right here

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Ares: I want to ride this thing into battle. 


Aphrodite: Ares, what?

Eris: No, no… he has a point. 

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