my terrible roleplay blogs

auto play music  blogs are the fastest and most efficient way to make me not look at your blog.

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Back to final fantasy 5

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I’m starting to feel like she doesn’t even love me

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My father looks like /Pitbull/

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I just watched the video for Wild Wild Love and I’m so uncomfortable oh my fucking god Pitbull looks exactly like my dad oh my god

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I’m so done with today it’s not even funny. But at least I discovered wifi at this place. Still.

I do not deserve this bs, no matter how much of a bastard people think I am. I’ve already had to come between two quarreling associates and this little Spanish lady keeps touching my hips when she walks by me and doesn’t understand why I’m mad about it.

so I suppose I’m going to bed as the asshole of the saiyuki fanbase, oh well. 

blogs with auto music are just rude

There’s actually a thread in the dA forums at the moment which is talking about political correctness and how everything is sexist, racist, ageist, transphobic, all that shit. But it’s accurate enough that we’ve gotten to this point.

when I’m getting called a transphobic for quote a generalized example, then I think we’ve come too far and missed the mark. Like damn talk about some sensitive little shits.