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|D spent like 6 hours orb grinding on Gaia lol but I made friends with a nurse. That was neat. I can adequately tank for the wife nao :D 

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Man, I need to visit the chiropractor. #instaferret #ferret #WeaselWednesday

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I don’t know what’s going on right now but I can’t breathe and when I do I feel like I’m suffocating. My limbs are all weak and I’m dizzy as fuck and that’s me laying down what’s happening here

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yep I’m done with tumblr

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I hope Xillia 2 is less …well annoying than 1

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@Becca it’s four inches across. I have large hands anyway. But it’s a decorative plate you don’t eat on it.

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Puffs about fluri plate.

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Tales of Get!! My new display stuff. Estelle only costed me 5.25 aw yea. And the Ludger came with the collector’s edition Xillia 2.

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Reading comments on someone’s stamp on dA was a major error. The tumblr stench off their opinions is gross. When will people realize the US is NOT a patriarchy.

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